Affiliate partners program

This blog post explains what are the specifics of our referral program.

May 12, 2022

3 min read

Money bag

Affiliate partners program

Make 30% lifetime recurring commission!

Enjoy using The NFT Generator? Let us pay you to tell that to others!

The best part? It is recurring revenue and the more users keep using our service the more you make every single month.

Currently, we have a 30% lifetime recurring commission with our affiliate partners.

Why should you care?

Imagine you share your link with your audience on TikTok, YouTube, or wherever you have an audience. For every person that buys a subscription you get 30% of the subscription payments of that user for the lifetime of the customer every single month.

If 10 people buy a subscription using your link = $297 extra per month in passive income for you!

If you have thousands of followers, who knows how many people will buy. There’s only one way to figure it out though. 😉

Sign up to our affiliate program and start earning passive income with us!

How does it work?

1. Get your link!

We use Rewardful, a leading link tracking platform to make sure we can always track a referral back to you and pay you what you deserve!

The link referral period is 60 days and you will have access to your own dashboard to follow your comissions and earnings all through Rewardful's leading platform.

2. Share your link

Share your link with your audience through email, TikTok, YouTube or your favorite platform.

Now they go to The NFT Generator using your link. Once they purchase, you will get a 30% recurring lifetime commission every single month!

3. Earn 30% lifetime commission! 💰

We send payments via PayPal on the 1st and 15th of each month. The current commission rate is 30% of every subscription payment for the lifetime of the customer.

Click on apply now and sign up as an affiliate partner to start promoting and earning!

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