About The NFT Generator

The NFT Generator has helped hundredths of creators bring their projects to life with our no-code online tools that allow project creators to generate their generative art collections at the click of a button.

Since its inception the goal has been to created the easiest no-code tools for artists looking to make generative art collections such as BAYC, CryptoPunks and Okay Bears.

We are building the whole infrastructure to become a one-stop shop for people looking to make a 10,000 NFT collection.

Products & Services

NFT Art Design

If you don’t have the necessary traits to make the 5,000 - 10,000 or 20,000 generative NFTs this is where you want to start.

Our team of talented artists and graphic designers will do awesome NFT art that you can then plug into our generator to make 10,000 different and unique cool NFTs.

If you don’t know what theme you would like to do we can help with that too. Just choose an extra on the checkout process and our artists will take care of suggesting which character, traits or accessories you should use on your NFT art project.

10,000 NFT Generator

Once you have your traits (this is the base character, background, hair, eyes, mouths, clothes, etc) then you want to upload those traits into our no-code NFT generator to mix-and-match all those traits making thousands of unique images at the click of a button.

Our NFT generator counts with layer and image rarity settings, two types of mix-and-match algorithms, advanced mode in case you want to make different categories or add 1 of 1s to your collection and much more.

NFT Drop Smart Contracts

Having downloaded your 10,000 NFTs you are now ready to deploy them on the blockchain using a smart contract so your community can mint them as NFTs.

Using our simple online tool you can upload the 10,000 images and create an NFT drop smart contract in a couple minutes.

It even comes with a premade website where you can hold your mint event so your community can go and mint your NFTs right there. If you have your own website you can copy-paste our mint button as well.

The smart contracts come with whitelist features, reveal later, multiple sale phases such as pre-sale, private-sale, public sale.

They are also lazy-minted and extremely gas optimized.


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