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Valentina Orozco M.


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Collection generation

Background / scene

Source files

Number of traits / accessories


Number of variations

100 - 1k




10 days


Price of the commissioned artwork


All prices are in US dollars.

The number of traits are the total number of traits, accessories or source files across all different categories that you desire to include in the character, such as: background, eyes, accessories, mouth, hairstyle, clothes, skins, glasses, hats - or any others that you desire.

The collection refers to a generative art collection similar to Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Okay Bears, or others. Similar to the previous examples the collection is composed of ONE (1) main character with many different variations.

The refund policy for this service is no refunds. Please note that we cannot get back time spent working on a project.

About the NFT artist

Valentina has appeared on national newspapers, and television. She has been commissioned to design album covers of popular trending artists. She has been featured by Forbes Colombia due to her natural talent and strong work ethic.

Valentina Orozco

Valentina Orozco M. is a Colombian artist who firmly believes humanity is the most magical act of the universe.

Her work creates intimacy with the beholder and is able to trigger a deep emotional response at a single glance.

Having her talent express itself on your collection, will allow you in turn, to separate yourself from the flock.

Valentina is a talented artist. But don't take our word for it. See for yourself

NFTs creates by Valentina #0
NFTs creates by Valentina #1

About The NFT Generator

The NFT Generator has helped hundredths of creators bring their projects to life with our no-code online tools that allow project creators to generate their generative art collections at the click of a button.

The NFT Generator is excited to partner with crypto artist Valentina Orozco M. to help project creators bring their concept into existence through quality artwork that will serve as the centerpiece of their NFT project.

We see this joint collaboration in line with our mission to become known as the best partner that project creators can have to bring their project ideas to life.

About our process

1. Grasp the concept

We like to start a project with a kick-off call to really understand what the client is going for and be able to grasp all the subtleties and nuance that the project creator wishes to be expressed on the artwork. If you feel more comfortable with a text-based exchange we can accommodate that too. Above all, we value and respect your choices, including your privacy.

2. Nail the base character

After getting what you’re going for, the next step is to really nail the base character of the collection. This phase will typically last between 3 and 7 days. We will request your feedback during this phase to make sure we are aligned on the base character before we go on to make the other 9,999.

3. Finish the work

The last mile of the project is to finish the collection by creating the total number of traits or accessories included in your package and generating your collection of up to 10,000 NFTs along with the accompanying metadata. If you want to re-generate a different combination of the 10,000 images using the source files you can do so using The NFT Generator.

Custom requirements

Do you have some special requirements like a different amount of traits, a 3D collection, more base characters, or any other special situation?

Contact us! Send us an email and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.

If you’d like you can also schedule a call to talk about your project.

Schedule a call

We are not for every client. And that’s ok. But if you believe we might be the right fit to bring your concept to life then schedule a discovery call below.

Our goal is to work with innovative projects and build a reputation of being the best partner that project creators can have to bring their ideas to life. And we mean that.

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We believe it is ideal to know our clients before starting to work with them. Reach out so we can start discussing about your project.

Shoot us a message and we'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible. You can also schedule a free discovery call above if you prefer.

All artwork created by the artist will belong exclusively to you. The accompanying intellectual property rights will also be transferred to you upon delivery. This includes, but is not limited to, the exclusive right to sell the artwork in the form of non-fungible tokens in any lawful jurisdiction.

We make this legal notice explicit and clear in order for you as a client to have complete assurance of the knowledge that only you, as the one and sole commissioner of the artwork, will own any and all legal rights over the collection; thus having full ownership over the product of work you have paid for.